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In Custom Apparel

We get you.
we're not about profit either.

We’re not about profit or market share or flashy slogans. We don’t print in huge offshore warehouses with robots. Everything we do is guided by our mission statement:

Charitees’ mission is to be an active partner to non-profits, charities and student organizations by providing high-quality, affordable apparel. That’s who we are!

From 2 students making t-shirts in a basement

Charitees was founded in early 2015 by two McMaster University students who opened up a shop just down from the school. They each had tons of experience in leadership roles at school, but were growing tired of giving thousands of dollars to for-profit printers who automate everything and give nothing back to the community.

We’ve grown into so much more.

Our production facilities can produce over 500,000 different products using Screen-printing, Digital Print or Embroidery. No matter how big we get though, one thing will never change: every garment is handprinted in Canada with care and the utmost attention to detail. That’s simply the Charitees way.

Over 10,000 Garments Made!

What We Offer

Whether It's 1 Garment or 1 Million

Free Artwork Approval

We always send you an artwork approval so you can see exactly what your apparel is going to look like before you get it.

Free Shipping

All orders over $300 ship free anywhere in Canada.

Price Match

We always charge to fair prices based on the market and our costs. If you have a quote from a competitor, we will do our best to match it. Happy you equals happy us.

Dedicated Sales Rep

Every customer gets a dedicated sales representative to help them through the ordering process. From first contact to product delivery, your knowledgeable sales rep will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have and ensure that you get apparel that you love!

Payment Processing

We have multiple payment methods. From Credit Cards & Cheques to Cash + E-transfers, the hardest decision is going to be which one to pick.