How it Works empowers anyone to raise awarness and funds for a cause, loved one, group or project through campaigns driven by sales of custom-designed/cause-branded merchandise, donation campaigns or both.

Sell Apparel and Accept Donations Without Risk or Cost

Raise Funds

Increase your fund development across all your key donor sectors and initiatives. There's no limit to your potential!

Raise Spirits

Custom apparel lifts spirits, inspires a sense of community and brings your supporters together.

Proven Success

Hundreds and thousands of individuals are using every day. Join other schools, small businesses, non-profits and charities and more!

Raise Awareness campaigns provide so much more content for your social channels. Supporters engage and spread your message like walking, talking billboards.

Easy, Fast and Fun

It's easy to put custom apparel up for sale on a personalized page. Pick products, create your design then share your story.

No Risk or Inventory

Sell custom apparel without buying (not a dime) any products upfront or worrying about handling inventory.

3 Easy Steps to Make ChariTEES Campaigns Work For You

Create Your Design

  • Many products
  • Powerful design lab
  • Expert help
  • Set price to meet goal

Promote Your Campaign

  • Raise funds with each sale
  • Supporters can add a donation
  • Track sales, donations and visitors
  • Connect with supporters

Collect Your Funds

  • PayPal, Check or credit options
  • Fulfillment and logistics handled
  • No upfront costs
  • No wasted merchandise

How will you make a difference with ChariTEES?

Thousands have already created campaigns to support their cause.

T-Shirt Campaigns

  • No inventory to buy or setup fees
  • Just design your shirt and promote it
  • We handle the shipping and payments

New: Collect Donations by Supporters at checkout

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