Frequently Asked Questions

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We've made it easy to sell products and collect donations all in one place. Your supporters have the option to add an additional donation during the checkout process - they can even leave a donation without purchasing a PRODUCTS.

You can easily track your order's status by visiting the Order Tracking Page. Just enter the unique order number from your order confirmation email to view complete shipping details.

You design your TEES (T-shirt), CANVAS or upload your CRAFT then set your pricing, tell your story and launch your online ChariTEES fundraiser for FREE. As long as you sell the minimum quantity needed to print/produce (as low as 24 T-shirts or Canvases or Craft item), we print/produce and then ship all products directly to you or to your supporters (additional shipping fee may apply) and send you the profits! If you are not able to sell the minimum needed to print/produce during your Campaign, no one is charged and no money is exchanged.

Our Artist’s and Artisan’s T-shirts, Canvases and Crafts don't cost you anything out of pocket. During the Campaign setup process, you determine your selling price per product (one item and one campaign at a time). We calculate your profit per unit by subtracting a base cost from your selling price. Here's the equation we use as an example:

Profit Per Shirt = Selling Price - Base Cost We recommend a standard $20.00 per T-Shirt taxes included or Canvases sized at 16” X 20” might range between $75.00 and $150.00 and crafts are very personalized and unique and all prices will be set by the creators.

This base cost covers all of the costs associated with printing and producing your T-shirts or Canvas or Craft such as the fabric, the screen(s), ink colors and credit card processing fees and providing all supports.

Your actual base cost is determined by the total quantity of T-shirts, Canvases and Crafts sold during your Campaign. The more product you sell, the better your profit is and the more profit you make for your campaign and organization. We've included a handy profit calculator during the Campaign Set-Up Process so you can see exactly how much you'll make based on how many you and your supporters sell.

Yes, once your ChariTEES Campaign ends, you can simply hit the Re-launch button and the entire process starts all over.

100% of all profits tied to T-shirt’s, Canvases' and Craft's selling prices are sent directly to you. For all additional donations, ChariTEES applies an 8% fee. ChariTEES covers all payment processing and credit card fees (usually 3-5% per transaction).

We offer a simple, $9.50 flat rate for all T-Shirt orders shipping within the Canadian Provinces ($25 for international). Canvases will vary in shipping costs based on the sizes of the Canvases. Crafts will vary in shipping costs based on the size and weight of the Crafts. Prior to the launch of any campaign other than T-Shirt Campaigns please contact our shipping department to request an actual shipping quote.

As long as you sell the minimum needed to print (in most cases 24 shirts or Canvases or Crafts), your design will still be printed/produced and shipped - regardless if you reach your sales goal or not. Even better, we'll still transfer the profits (based on the total quantity sold) directly to you.

If you aren't able to sell the minimum needed to print/produce, then credit cards are not charged, money is not exchanged, and NO products are printed or produced.

We actually use multiple different apparel vendors for the different T-shirt styles. All of our T-shirt types are pre-shrunk and run to size unless otherwise noted.

We recognize that many people are not familiar with the type of brands out there and would most likely simply choose the "cheapest" T-shirt when launching a Campaign. But then supporters get stuck with a low-quality T-shirt and everyone loses, including us. By leveraging our group buying power, we are able to provide high-quality T-shirts that your supporters will want to wear.

Most Canadian based customers will receive their TEES in approximately 14 business days. Outside of Canada may take approximately 21 business days. We are based in Ontario, Canada which is where all your T-shirts are printed and shipped. Canvases are expected to be shipped within 14 days as well, however the larger sizes may require additional delivery time. This can be confirmed at the start of your campaign.

Crafts are uniquely crafted by hand and some products are produced in the very far northern communities of Canada. Once the campaign is over and the order to authentic Indigenous artisans is placed, additional time may be required for production and for shipping from the various northern Indigenous communities.