About ChariTEES.ca

"We have combined entrepreneurship for individuals with various employment barriers, innovation and technology then mixed a lot of heart as the key ingredient; so everyone can raise money and build awareness for preferred causes, passions or projects they care about."

Who Are We?
A passionate team backed by years of Business and Fund Development experience, the Canadian leading provider of Entrepreneurship, Programs and Events for the individuals, communities and the Non-Profit sector.
What Do We Do?
Help you engage your community to raise more awareness and funds for your cause.
How Do We Do It?
With custom apparel, original art and other products, online tools and a team dedicated to providing a "NEED TO TELL EVERYONE" experience
Where Are We?
We have partners and offices in Toronto, Edmonton, Woodville and Sioux Lookout and growing to other locations, totaling 27 people involved in making this happen and still counting.
Who We Help?
Year 1 - Start-up we expect to raised over 2.2 million dollars for lots of worthy causes across Canada.

Hundreds and thousands of individuals can be impacted by ChariTEES.ca services every day - from schools to small businesses and cause marketers, charities to projects for pets and crowdfunding ideas. It's easy to create ChariTEES (T-shirt) and put them up for sale on a personalized ChariTEES.ca page, without taking any risk or handling inventory. We provide the tools to help spread the word to family and friends to make it easy to leave the biggest impact. On ChariTEES.ca, there’s no limit to your fundraising potential. Call us to create unique fund raising campaigns.

Our employees are a passionate, diverse bunch of people from across Canada and around the world: techies and designers, screeners, marketers and e-Commerce veterans, analysts and customer service pros, and more. As a team with combined talents, we are rapidly growing, and improving and expanding our services. We are proud to have the opportunity to work supporting the passions of others, and empower them to make a difference. We are especially proud of the impact you make for individuals with employment barriers by using ChariTEES.ca.

One of our location is based in the Sioux Lookout-area, but ChariTEES.ca ’s roots come from the Woodville, Ontario-headquartered company that launched us: I DO BUSINESS – www.idobusiness.ca - who since its founding in 2010 has grown into the country’s most unique leader for “Entrepreneurship, Programs and Events”. They have dedicated much of their time developing opportunities for individuals in various business sectors including custom t-shirts and other art forms for non-profits, groups and occasions. We’re proud that I DO BUSINESS’s huge heart, creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction are qualities shared by everyone at ChariTEES.ca. We also share I DO BUSINESS’s core values of the Golden Rule, GOOD BUSINESS. Pay It Forward By Learning, Doing, Networking. While we work hard, we also have a lot of fun - which makes ChariTEES.ca a great place to work.

We've learned first hand that using custom TEES (t-shirts) and art and merchandise is often the most effective way to raise funds and awareness. We also know that good things happen when people unite around a common purpose. This is why we bring thousands of people and causes together every day on ChariTEES.ca - so they can rally support, lift spirits and raise funds in a powerful, meaningful and lasting way.

Organizers in the news

Our favorite conversation topics are actually about you, your group and your cause. People like you are in the news using a fund raising platform like this one across North America.

Some organizations in the USA that have used a T-Shirts on a Crowdfunding platform to raise funds.

"Princess Kiley’s Doll Experience" raises money for cancer research
FOX CT (New Haven, Connecticut)

Friends and neighbors helping 13 year old in his fight against cancer

Hempfield students raise money for Kenyan playground
WHTM-TV ABC27 NEWS (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

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